During this uncertain time, mental health is especially important. Social isolation can have a huge impact on our well-being, and the new reality of staying in our homes most of the day can be very disorienting (is anyone else struggling to keep the days straight?). I’ve listed a few apps and articles below that are relevant to maintaining your mental health through this crisis.

Mental Health

  • TalkSpace – TalkSpace is an online therapy platform. After an initial assessment, they match you with a therapist who you can reach via text and/or video chat. Subscription plans start at $65.00/week.
  • BetterHelp – BetterHelp is another online therapy platform. After signing up, you’ll be matched with an online counselor depending on your objectives. Plans range from $40.00 – $70.00/week, billed monthly.
  • MDLive – MDLive is a telehealth platform that offers access to doctors for a variety of needs, including behavior health. Registration is free, and once you’re signed up you can use their app to search for providers.
  • A psychologist’s science-based tips for emotional resilience during the coronavirus crisis – This Washington Post article outlines recommendations for maintaining psychological well-being during COVID-19.
  • Helping Children Cope with Changes Resulting from COVID-19 – This article from the National Association of School Psychologists has some great tips for helping your children cope with all of the recent changes to their lives.
  • Suggestions for Dealing with Isolation – This post was written by someone who spent years bed-ridden, and has some great recommendations for staying engaged with the world.
  • Headspace – This popular meditation app is offering a series of free meditations called Weathering the Storm. They also have a larger library for members.
  • Calm – Another popular meditation app, Calm offers meditations, nature scenes, mindful movement, and more. They offer a 7-day free trial, so you can test it out before committing fully.
  • Mindful – Mindful is a health magazine that covers many topics, including meditation. Check out their website for online resources, or subscribe to receive print and/or digital copies of the magazine.

How are you managing your mental health during COVID-19? Include your ideas below!