Integrative Health Coaching

Creating the foundation for healthy habits, and greasing the wheels for behavior change.

Our health is impacted by multiple interconnected pieces, and this can make building new habits and making changes hard. Integrative Health Coaching addresses these different aspects of health in a holistic way, allowing space to understand that each area of your health can affect the others. By taking a “whole person” approach to health, Integrative Health Coaching guides people in addressing the complex factors that drive lifestyle change.

At MB Wellness, I help clear the way for change by making your goals my goals. I partner with clients to create a plan and support structure for the changes needed to reach their goals and maintain them even after coaching ends.

The Quick Fix

The Quick-Fix covers key points of health coaching in one hour. This is ideal if you are looking for a quick assessment and high-level action planning around a smaller health goal. Each session includes a personal health inventory, a one hour coaching session (face-to-face or virtual – your choice!), and action plans.

The Foundation

The Foundation package includes 12 weeks of coaching sessions. This package is ideal if you have a goal you’ve been wanting to reach for a while but haven’t had success or are unsure where to start. You get a 60 minute introductory session, weekly 30 minute coaching sessions, a 45 minute closing session, a personal health inventory, and text and email support outside of coaching sessions.

The Deep Dive

The Deep Dive package includes 24 weeks of coaching sessions. This package is ideal for tackling your biggest health challenges. The Deep Dive includes everything from The Foundation package, plus an additional 12 weeks of coaching to deeply target your goals and ensure the changes you make during coaching last well beyond our sessions together.

The Team Effort

Interested in health coaching for your team? Want to partner up with your friends to tackle your health goals together? MB Wellness provides group coaching formats to support those who prefer to work with others on their journey to their ideal health.

Group coaching begins with a consultation call to talk through your group’s needs and the best format to meet them. From a one-time session at a team retreat, to regular group Skype calls, I can accommodate what works best for you and your group.

Let’s reach your health goals, together.

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