Well, you can consider my career path officially shifted. That’s right friends, as of 5:00pm yesterday, I am full-time in the health and wellness space.

I’ve been wanting this for several years, but I was unsure when I’d be able to take the leap. Since I started this coaching practice in 2019, the question of how to make this my full-time job has been on my mind. The last 6 months have been especially challenging, as I’ve been balancing coaching, teaching at two studios, 40+ hours a week in consulting, and still just trying to have a life outside of all of that. I have admittedly NOT been practicing the balance I preach to clients. I’ve known for a while that I needed to find a way to cut back and focus my time more, but I didn’t see a path to do that without sacrificing something I loved and I was not willing to do that. Then one Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago, I had a phone call that laid that path out for me exactly. I got off the phone feeling more optimistic than I had in months. 

Moving forward, I’m still going to be wearing multiple hats – taking on a larger role in addition to teaching at TitanUp Fitness, an incredible local studio in Jacksonville, FL; running my coaching practice; and still doing a little consulting work in the local community. But this will allow me to grow in the areas I truly want to grow with an incredible team and awesome mentors on all sides. 

This decision was easy in some respects and a little tougher than others. The path to getting here was tricky and tiring. The reason I know it was the right one to take, and the reason I am certain that coaching and training is the right career path for me, is because it forces me to grow and be a better person – not just a better employee. To figure out these next steps, I had to do a lot of soul searching and reflecting on exactly how I want my professional (and personal) life to look and feel. Coaching and teaching has also forced me to work on myself and challenge some past beliefs and opinions. It’s changed my perspective in the best way, and to celebrate that and my new career I’d like to offer two things:

  1. I’ll be re-opening the MB Wellness coaching programs on April 4. I’ll be talking more about these as we progress through March, but the last day to sign up will be March 31. 
  2. Throughout the month of March, I’m going to be doing a daily mini-video series on my Instagram taking you through some of the questions that helped me prepare myself for this new career shift, and questions I ask many of my coaching clients when they’re working toward a big change. 

Now that I’ll have more time to dedicate to this coaching practice, you all can also expect the re-launch of the MBW newsletter, and new workshops throughout the year. 

It’s going to be an exciting remainder of 2022. I can’t wait to grow, learn, and connect with more of you in this space. Want to grow and learn with me? Let’s chat.

As always, sending you happy, healthy vibes!